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Trauma Recovery Counselling

A person does not have to be diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to experience trauma symptoms. Traumas from natural disasters, car accidents or more personal examples such as child abuse, can result in a person experiencing negative and unwanted trauma symptoms; symptoms that are actually natural defense mechanisms of the mind and body trying to protect itself but are no longer functional.

As a Clinical Traumatolgist my individual, trauma focused counselling is grounded in the usage of assessment to support a client in coping with their symptoms and find new ways of coping. A CBT based skills approach is then used to help work through all three trauma recovery stages: Safety and Stability, Mourning and Remembrance and finally, Reconnection with Self and Others.

Coping skills are tailored to support the client based on the trauma recovery stage they are assessed to be at as well as their reported problematic trauma symptoms that affect body, cognition, behaviour and emotions.

Trauma Recovery Counselling: Service
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